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Submitted on
January 10, 2013


40 (who?)
Yo guys! Some of you asked for an extension so now the contest ends today (3 days later than planned). We received so many beautiful and clever entries, such amazing crossovers!

:w00t: 47 entries!! :w00t:

I will send out notes to the judges soon and then the 4 winners will be chosen. So far, look at the pretty entries and give them some love!

Fellow Warriors, Queens, Apprentices, Kits and Elders. Today I am speaking to you, because something entirely new has happened in our lands. The borders to parallel worlds have opened and previously unknown creatures have emitted through portals into our forest. Some of them pretend to be from our kind, others seek nothing but war. They may look like cats but we already saw the demonic ones among them as well, with eagles' wings, wolves' teeth and even StarClan like powers in their paws.

Now, my precious clanmates, strive out into the woods and look for the strangers. Approach them carefully since we do not know which powers they can possess. Defend our territory if necessary and try to find out something about them. May StarClan light your path.

Your leader, Noreystar

Our new contest and how it works

So the theme of this contest is crossover. Take one or several characters from a tv show/video game/book/movie or comic series and put them into the Warriors universe. (examples: Harry Potter, the Avengers, the Simpsons, Star Wars,...)


:bulletgreen: You should draw the parallel world characters as cats. You can keep clothing, weapons and features like wings or accessories though.

:bulletgreen: There should be at least one Warriors character and one foreign character in the picture. You can also add more.

:bulletgreen: The characters can be fighting or talking or chasing each other, there are no guidelines for that, also not for the environment.

:bulletgreen: A background is optional, not necessary but if nice and fitting, give you a bonus from the judges. An additional short story in the artists description is also optional.

:bulletred: No mature content please, you can add blood and gore but keep it classy.

:bulletred: OC's are not allowed, sorry. Also the universe the foreign characters come from should be a widely-known one, not from a comic book written by yourself.

When you are done with your picture, submit it to the Warriors Crossover Contest folder in our gallery and send the link to me (NoreyDragon) in a comment or note so I get your entry. I will comment on it and as soon as you get my comment, you know that your entry was accepted.

If there are more questions, please ask!

The Judges


The Deadline

The contest will most definitely end on March 1st but if needed, there will be a slight extension of 2-4 days.

The entries

001 radioactive-flash.deviantart.c… by Radioactive-Flash
002… by LittleSnowyOwl
003… by TheDogzLife
004… by WildsFate
005… by moonrise254
006… by Sisa611
007 bone-the-purrloin.deviantart.c… by Bone-the-Purrloin
008 calling-freedom-home.deviantar… by Calling-Freedom-Home
009… by ARTbySONNE
010… by Rav3nRav3Rul3r
011… by FizzyPumpkin
012… by darkangel1236
013… by rosehail
014… by SilverCanDraw
015… by Claudiaz920
016 mistystartoontown.deviantart.c… by MIlSTY
017… by DawnWolf22
018… by prosequtor
019… by HamsterForFun
020… by Danny-Senpai
021… by StormyKitKat
022… by Claudiaz920
023… by louli9559
024 invaderliz-thecat.deviantart.c… by InvaderLiz-TheCat
025 ask-loner-ravenpaw.deviantart.… by Ask-Loner-Ravenpaw
026… by BlueMew919
027… by MoonstreamFeline
028… by Dovesplash
029… by leadmare56
030… by Dawnstorm8
031… by CATtheDrawer
032 mnightshymamalama.deviantart.c… by MNightShymamalama
033… by Shatterwing123
034… by Night-The-Loner
035 winterstarthefirst.deviantart.… by WinterstarTheFirst
036… by LotusLostInParis
037… by Smokestar11
038… by stormfur125
039… by Sinful-Souls
040… by wolfforce58
041… by Minogirl01
042… by darketh203
043… by Finchwing
044… by PlanetHannah
045… by Rytl
046… by Nekoyasha12
047… by Diamondfeathers

The Prizes

1st Place
100 :points: by NoreyDragon
A short Flash animation or a drawing by NoreyDragon
A Llama, watch and character drawing by TranquilPaws
A simple character drawing by Azureith
A full cat MS Paint picture by LexiIsFailingAtThis
A full body coloured pencil drawing by Nox101
25 :points:, a watch and a Llama by karribou
5 :points: and a detailed chibi by Speckelpelt
A drawing by CATtheDrawer
A drawing with a single character by Arlowa
A simple sketch by louli9559
A full drawing by Sisa611
A simple single character full-body drawings and no background by Satyrtail
A painted headshot by TameraAli
A drawing from Becsy6

2nd Place
75 :points: by NoreyDragon
A drawing by NoreyDragon
A Llama, watch and simple character drawing by TranquilPaws
A coloured, transparent backgrounded drawing of a feline character by HamsterForFun
A full body pencil outline by Nox101
15 :points:, a watch and a Llama by karribou
3 :points: and a non-shaded chibi by Speckelpelt
A simple single character full-body drawings and no background by Satyrtail
A sketch by TameraAli
A lineart or just a character shaded without a background by Hickoryfur

3rd Place
50 :points: by NoreyDragon
A simple drawing by NoreyDragon
A Llama, watch and sketchy character drawing by TranquilPaws
A headshot pencil outline by Nox101
5 :points: and a Llama by karribou
A headshot drawing by Speckelpelt
A drawing by moonrise254
A simple single character full-body drawings and no background by Satyrtail
A sketch by Calling-Freedom-Home

Honorable Mention
25 :points: by NoreyDragon
A simple drawing by NoreyDragon
A Llama, watch and sketchy character drawing by TranquilPaws
A painted feline/canine/human headshot by LexiIsFailingAtThis
A headshot pencil outline by Nox101
A chibi drawing by Rav3nRav3Rul3r
A drawing with transparent background by Sisa611
A cat picture by WildsFate
A sketch by Calling-Freedom-Home

I'd be really grateful if some of you could sign up to donate prizes as well :heart:

Other than that, you can start drawing now, if you have questions, do not hesitate to ask (better ask than do something wrong).

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XxSnowTheLeopordxX Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
is the contest over yet? :meow:
Warriors-horse Jan 3, 2014  Student General Artist
This contest has been over for a long time. ^^; It's from last year. The winners can be found here:
XxSnowTheLeopordxX Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
XD lol fail o3o are there any new contests? :meow:
Warriors-horse Jan 3, 2014  Student General Artist
Not recently, no. But perhaps soon in the future!
XxSnowTheLeopordxX Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
WildsFate Mar 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i can also make a phuman picture aswell, in addition to the prize i offered for honorable mention. :33
Dorothy11175 Mar 13, 2013
Well I did a picture but finished after the deadline. I totally missed the update that said there was an extension, but that's probably my fault.
So I assume it's over and the judges are already deciding? I can hardly wait to see the results!
stormfur125 Mar 11, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
i hate to be rude and impatient, but when will we know who won?
MoonstreamFeline Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hiya there!!!! I am SO excited to see the results!!!!!!!!!!!
I just wanted to say, Noreystar, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THIS!
i know it's stressful sometimes to balance your 'internet' life with your normal life, so thanks for finding the time for this and for being so kind and patient :) and I hope yo know how much fun I had for this contest and I learned a lot about myself!

(a quick random illustration:)
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
Fruity-mangos104 Mar 4, 2013  Student General Artist
*flops over*
I missed it.
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