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Submitted on
September 10, 2012


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Please READ all the rules on the main page before commenting! Thank you.

:spotlight-left: THE RULES :spotlight-right:

If you do not follow the rules correctly, you will be excluded from the claiming.

The person responsible for this list: wicked-est

If a cat that appears in the series is not listed here, please leave us a comment!

:bulletblack:DARK FOREST/UNKNOWN:bulletblack:
* Maggottail
:iconturtlewuff: claimed Mapleshade
:icontheepicbunny: claimed Snowtuft
:icontwisted-rose-thorns: claimed Sparrowfeather
:iconmysticravenclaw: claimed Shredtail
:iconwarrior427891: claimed Silverhawk


:iconwicked-est: claimed Scourge
:iconrainshadow1134: claimed Bone
:iconwolfheart55412: claimed Boulder
:iconhi-tuvy: claimed Brick
:iconnytox: claimed Ice/Jumper
:iconscourgeroxs: claimed Jaggedtooth
* Minty
:iconnomnomskittles: Snake/Hoot
* Snipe
* Snapper
:iconfrozen-icicles: claimed Tess
* Willie

:bulletyellow:TRIBE OF RUSHING WATER:bulletyellow:

* Bird That Rides the Wind
:iconpengirl389265: claimed Brook Where Small Fish Swim
* Cloud with Storm in Belly
:iconnuaaah: claimed Crag Where Eagles Nest
* Dark Shadow on Water
* Flight of Startled Heron
* Gray Sky before Dawn
* Jagged Rock Where Heron Sits
:iconcanadla: claimedLark That Sings at Dawn
:iconmosslight147: claimed Mist Where Sunlight Shimmers
* Moss that Grows by River
:iconcircuscatgirl: claimed Night of No Stars
* Pebble That Rolls Down Mountain
* Pine That Clings to Rock
:iconwavethorn: claimed Rain that Passes Quickly
* Rain that Rattles on Stones
* Rock Beneath Still Water
* Scree Beneath Winter Sky
* Screech of Angry Owl
:iconwarriorcatheart: claimed Splash When Fish Leaps
* Sheer Path Beside Waterfall
:iconmiraiokami: claimed Snow Falling on Stones
:iconhollyleaf-sam: claimed Star That Shines On Water
* Storm Clouds at Dusk
*:iconwoohoorandom: claimed Stormfur
:iconbobathan16: claimed Swoop of Chestnut Hawk
:iconiamblossom: claimed Talon of Swooping Eagle
:iconblassaurzard: claimed Teller of the Pointed Stones
:iconicewingmoontigress: claimed Wing Shadow over Water


:iconfloriida: claimed Barley
* Birdy
:iconsilverleafshadefur: claimed Bright Stream
:iconkulay-abo: claimed Coal
:iconpoisonofviperclan: claimed Cora
* Chirp
:iconrainthatfallssoftly: claimed Clear Sky
* Cloudy
:iconmudstar88-warriors: claimed Cloud Spots
* Dappled Pelt
* Dodge
:iconswiftwolfofthestars: claimed Domino
:iconkatsu-kat: claimed Falling Feather
:iconpurraculous: claimed Fleck
* Flick
:iconaskbrickofbloodclan: claimed Flora
* Floss
* Frisk
* Fritz
:iconaestai: claimed Gray Wing
* Harley
* Hawk Swoop
* Icicle
:icondawnfire2025: claimed Jagged Peak
* Jessamy
:iconchochang55: claimed Jingo
:iconblueraino: claimed Jackdaw's Cry
* Jet
* Lowbranch
* Magpie
* Misha
* Minty
* Mist
:iconstarlight-1234: claimed Mitzi
:iconthequeenofsugarrush: claimed Moon Shadow
*:iconicepath39: claimed Percy
* Pine
* Piper
* Pod
* Pricklenose
:iconflurryflamedancer: claimed Onion
* Pounce
:iconsparklycrystal: claimed Quick Water
:iconsuprize: claimed Rainswept Flower
:icondovesplash: claimed Ravenpaw
:iconcrystalstar1551: claimed Red
:iconwolfofarts-studios: claimed Sasha
* Scree
* Shaded Moss
:iconskythatglowsatdawn: claimed Shattered Ice
* Shorty
:iconstirpsandsalads: claimed Snapper
* Sniff
* Snowflake
* Snowy
:iconpaleodraw: claimed Smoky
*:iconkuiwi: claimed Sol
:iconjaqoo: claimed Soot
* Stick
* Stripes
:iconkaylindash: claimed Storm
:iconbayheart: claimed Tadpole
:iconazure-tiger: claimed Tall Shadow
* Twist
:icontaterhater: claimed Violet
* Willie
* Woody


:iconspottedtalon7: claimed Cody
* Diesel
* Flower
:iconsonadowwarriorcat: claimed Hattie
:iconquiltehkittycat: claimed Nutmeg
:icondogebert: claimed Hal
* Henry
* Husker
* Hussar
* Jacques
* Jigsaw
* Lichen
* Peper
:icondjspicekittty: claimed Princess
* Ruby
* Seville
:icon4damant: claimed Smudge
:iconwarriorcat071: claimed Snowdrop
:iconamber-riptide: claimed Socks
* Susan
:iconrumpleteazer01: claimed Turtle Tail
:iconwarriorbrownkit14: claimed Quince
:icontigermooncat: claimed Jake
* Marmalade


:iconezlimits: claimed Rock
:iconevildraws: claimed Fallen Leaves

:iconf34th3rz: claimed Broken Shadow
:iconhickoryfur: claimed Chasing Clouds
* Cloudy Sun
:iconceliawiemann: claimed Dark Whiskers
:iconzuko-kitty: claimed Dawn River
:iconhershey-chocolate: claimed Dove's Wing
* Falcon Swoop
* Fish Leap
* Furled Bracken
:iconfelirae: claimed Half Moon
* Jagged Lightning
:iconthealphallama: claimed Jay's Wing
:iconflamepelt100: claimed Lion's Roar
* Owl Feather
:iconroseandcompany: claimed Rising Moon
* Running Horse
:iconstormfire--cat: claimed Shy Fawn
* Stone Song
:iconzillytehkitteh: claimed Whispering Breeze

:bulletblue:OTHER ANIMALS:bulletblue:

* Lead Rat the...rat
:iconlichenpatch: claimed Midnight the Badger
:iconkookie121: claimed Sharptooth the Mountain Lion
:iconisnowonash: claimed Pip the White Terrier

:bulletorange:OTHER CLANS:bulletorange:
Thunderclan Cats
Riverclan Cats
Windclan Cats
Shadowclan Cats
Skyclan Cats
Cats Outside The Clans
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Shellystream Featured By Owner 1 day ago
May I claim Diesel?
SwiftWolfOfTheStars Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  New member
Can I claim Domino?
wicked-est Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sure thing! ^^
SwiftWolfOfTheStars Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  New member
I have it on my latest drawings
taterhater Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
Could I claim Violet? Meow :3 
wicked-est Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sure! and welcome to the group! c:
taterhater Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
Thank you!
Bobathan16 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Student General Artist
May I claim Swoop of Chesnut Hawk?
wicked-est Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sure thing! ^ ^
Bobathan16 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Yay, thanks!
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